Sunday, March 18, 2012

The season has started

We had our first wonderful Spring Saturday yesterday (March 17th). Our whole family spent hours in our garden. The fence was built between the grass and the vegetable garden. The vegetable garden is covered with rich mulch. We plan to build some raised beds and surround the beds in boxwood boarders. It should look beautiful. I did plant lettuce in our high sack garden beds. We also have our sweet peas planted. There are many things already coming up from seed. We have carrots, Chinese long beans, radishes, onions, and spinach to name a few. My plan is to grow an over abundance of fresh vegetables and flowers. I want to find friends who will trade me for the vegetables and flowers. So far someone will give me grapes for tomatoes, canning jars for sweet peppers, and sharpen my kitchen knives for herbs and flowers. On this blog I will keep you updated on progress in the garden. When we have a crop ready to harvest I will post that. I'll also make a list of the kind of things we want. But I'm open to trade for all sorts of stuff. Tooth paste, fresh bread, a car wash. I just want to see what I can get for my vegetables and flowers. I'm not in it for money, I want to trade my good stuff for your good stuff. So post a comment or just talk with me if you want to trade! I'm not going to trade with anyone who is not in the Heidelberg area. Sorry, but this is a local thing.

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