Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Straw mulch and compost tea

This morning I had a dream that the straw I had ordered came. Sure enough it did. So Nicole and I put a fresh layer of straw mulch over the potatoes. We also put mulch on the vegetable beds. It will help preserve the moister in the beds. If it rains allot, the mulch will soak up the extra water. If it's dry, it will release water to the plants. And the soil will not dry out. For the potatoes, it helps keep the ground dark. I'll also add some sawdust or something to help keep the area dark. If potatoes get exposed to the sunlight they turn green. Green potatoes are poisons to eat. Another thing we did is add the compost tea to water, and we watered all the plants. It really stinks. I started making the compost tea about 5 weeks ago. It has soil, weeds, peels from vegetables, fish bones, coffee grounds and egg shells and lots of water. It really smells bad! It's been sitting in the sun cooking for weeks. We added a small amount of this tea to the watering can, then more water. All the plants got feed. I hope it helps encourage good growth! I may cover the grass and all the flower beds with this stinky tea. The videos I've seen on you tube say compost tea will really help the plants grow. I just had to give it a try. Right now everything we are doing is a theory. We have never done these things before. It's all theory. But so far everything is doing pretty good. The only thing that hasn't done well in the garden is the pumpkin plant. I think it got eaten by something? It's dead. but I have new pumpkins starting from seeds. So we will see if we can still get a pumpkin crop this year. It's hard to believe this garden is only a few months old. We will get a pretty good crop for the first year! And in time, as the soil improves, it will only get better! I love it! It really makes me happy to grow some of my own food!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

40 new heirloom tomato plants

I just planted another 40 heirloom tomato plants. We now have around 60 plants. Some already have flowers on them. We should have tomatoes in a few short weeks. There will be a steady supply of tomatoes all summer and into the fall (God willing). Most of these plants were started from seeds. I don't know about you, but I love vine ripened tomatoes! I could eat them like candy! And we planted the cucumber and pumpkin starts. The sunflowers are also growing strong. And the cabbages and kohlrabi will be ready to harvest in a month. So Nicole and I potted a half a dozen trays of new plants. They should be ready to plant when I harvest the spring crop. I am going to need some more canning jars. It will not be long until we have our first harvest. We also planted summer flower seeds. They can replace the gladiolas when they are finished flowering. I imagine we will have cutting flowers in another month too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

jumbo garden sacks

I had 2 jumbo sacks in my garage. Today I used those to build 2 more high raised beds in my garden( we now have a total of 6). And because they work much better then the low raised beds, I won the bid for 5 more jumbo sacks on eBay. So I hope to have 11 high raised garden beds in my vegetable garden. I may even find room for more. I'm already harvesting lettuce and onions from my high raised beds. Everything seems to do very well, with so little effort. I realize they are not as good looking, but they are very productive. So in the end, I may replace all my garden beds with these jumbo sacks. I got the idea from an African sack garden. Then I improved the idea by taking these over sized plastic sacks supported in wire compost cages. The results last year were awesome. And this year the results are also great. Here are photo's from last year. I’ll get new photo's soon.