Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A good trade

A friend of mine traded me her good berries for our vegetables. Nicole and I picked 5 gallons of mixed fruit (cherries, gooseberries and currants). We are making juice. I'll add a little sugar to the juice, and we will have a very good syrup to have with ice cream or pan cakes. Juergen's mom use to make this berry syrup.

Monday, June 11, 2012

please come pick salad

To my local friends…I really need people to come pick salad from my garden. Please, do not be shy! It's fresh, organic heirloom lettuce. And it's free! We are eating a salad a day but I just have too much. Please come by and get some fresh salad. If we don’t pick the lettuce it will go to seed. It needs to be picked. My good friend Vivienne just came to pick up some salad. We had tea and a nice visit. She is going to teach me how to cook Indian food in exchange for my fresh vegetables. I'm getting the best part of the deal. She is a great cook! Please do not be shy, I have allot of very good salad to give away. I’ll give it away for free… but if it makes you feel uncomfortable I will also trade it for any useful thing or skill. I have so much very good lettuce right now, I would hate for it to go to seed! I even have a few plants to give away. Tomato plants and flowers and peppers. Everything we have started from seeds. I don’t have many plants to give away…so this is a first come first serve offer. It was a cold and wet day, but I just loved sharing a tea with my good friend!

Friday, June 8, 2012

We have lot's of Salad to trade Now

Here are a few photo's of our garden. I bought many small Cactus in Italy for a cactus garden. The larger cactus was something Nicole found in Imperia. It had fallen to the ground. It started to grow roots so she brought it home to plant. We have lots of lettuces’, broccoli, cabbages , onions, potato's and carrots and tomatoes. I'm ready to harvest lettuce for salad. If anyone wants salad come on over. I could use canning jars. I'll trade lettuce for canning jars. I can trade for other stuff too, just let me know. It's heirloom lettuce from England. I'll have tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini in about a 3 weeks. We will also have cutting flowers around the first part of July. The artichokes are also getting big. And I pulled over 2 wheel barrows of weeds with the help of Sarah. Nicole and I want to make ketchup today. We brought stuff home from Italy to make ketchup. I'm glad to be home! The photo of Juergen is in Italy. We bought him a passion flower for his birthday.