Tuesday, May 15, 2012

jumbo garden sacks

I had 2 jumbo sacks in my garage. Today I used those to build 2 more high raised beds in my garden( we now have a total of 6). And because they work much better then the low raised beds, I won the bid for 5 more jumbo sacks on eBay. So I hope to have 11 high raised garden beds in my vegetable garden. I may even find room for more. I'm already harvesting lettuce and onions from my high raised beds. Everything seems to do very well, with so little effort. I realize they are not as good looking, but they are very productive. So in the end, I may replace all my garden beds with these jumbo sacks. I got the idea from an African sack garden. Then I improved the idea by taking these over sized plastic sacks supported in wire compost cages. The results last year were awesome. And this year the results are also great. Here are photo's from last year. I’ll get new photo's soon.

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